About SIM Racing
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About SIM Racing

About SIM Racing

Simulator Racing, also known as ‘SIM Racing‘, attempts to accurately simulate real-life driving. Variables such as suspension, tire wear, grip and even fuel consumption all play a part in your SIM experience, as it would for a real car. It is unlike ‘arcade style’ driving games where real-world variables are taken out of the equation and the principal objective is to create a sense of speed as opposed to a sense of realism.


As a result of this enhanced realism, SIM racing finds itself in a unique niche where the skills between virtual and reality are the most transferable compared to other video games. They are so accurate that many real-world motorsport teams (such as Ferrari, Mercedes etc.) will use these simulators to train their drivers prior to them performing at the real tracks.

So why did SIM Racing started getting popular?

1. Cost of simulators compared to real world cars is extremely low.


2. Your garage can store endless makes & models of cars.


3. Time investment to reach a
‘competitive’ standards are shortened.

On top of that, the beauty of SIM Racing is it’s limitless possibilities. Not only are you able to enjoy tracks from all over the world, you are also able to enjoy all the different types of driving styles such as drifting, rally, drag races etc.


One is also able to create their car profiles according to how they’d like to have it done and tuned. Customizing every individual car’s performance, following real-life set-ups.


S5 Technology carries various brands of simulators accessories such as SIMAGIC, Thrustmaster, Conspit etc. so we can provide you will the tools suitable for your set-up. On top of that, being based in Singapore also means that you would not have to worry about other factors such as taxes, shipping and credibility as you would when you are getting from an overseas platform.


A car’s exterior can also be fully customized just like how you would be able to with a real vehicle! With unlimited accessories that include spoilers, rims, wraps, stickers etc.


The possibilities are endless in the SIM Racing universe.


The best thing is, S5 Technology ensures that all our products are of the best value in the market to ensure availability and affordability to everyone in Singapore.

S5 Racing Set-Ups

There’s a misconception that a racing set-up has to be completed with every component one can imagine, but that is far from the truth. Racing set-ups don’t have to be comprehensive and complicated.


One can start e-racing with set-ups as simple as mounting a wheelset to a desk while playing a Racing game on a computer. As we all know, here in Singapore most of us also do not have the luxury of space in our homes.


But of course, the experience you receive from a simple set-up like this will differ from a more comprehensive set-up. Every set-up is different and unique – it all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, and what you wish to achieve.


This is why we specialize in customizing our clients’ set-ups. We ensure our clients are only getting the things they NEED. Because while an expensive set-up may seem better, it may not be the right FIT for everyone.


This way we can provide our clients the best experience at the right value.

s5 tech driving simulator
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S5 Custom-Made Aluminum Profile Rig

And if you’ve already decided on upgrading your current set-up or completely starting out with an end goal in mind with a customized rig, you are definitely at the right place. S5 Technology offers a wide range of services ready to fit your e-racing needs, including a turn-key solution where we will provide our clients with a complete end-to-end procedure.


Our customized rigs are built with a full aluminum profile, created from scratch with dimensions determined by every individual’s height, size requirements, driving style and other components such as system placements and monitors etc.


On top of that, if space is an issue for you – further discussion will be made to see what are the solutions we can provide to cater to your needs.



ETA: 10 – 14 days after consultation

How does a customized rig benefit you?

1. Physics Functionality
A customized rig is built according to your physics build. This ensures that your pedals, shifter and steering wheel placement is according to your height and body measurements. This will allow its drivers to optimize their movements and be able to reach their full driving potential on the SIM Tracks.


2. Advantages
The driver intended for the rig will feel much more comfortable with a custom-built set-up, and allow them to achieve optimum results in their SIM racing experience. It allows the intended driver to gain more accuracy in their turning and braking points and be able to achieve better results.


Our popular Custom-Made Aluminum Profile Rig goes through a thorough process to ensure the highest quality of workmanship to perfect your set-up.

  • 1. Consultation

    Consultation to understand your needs & what you're looking for in a set-up. We will advise the best combination within a reasonable range/budget.

  • 2. Measurements

    Measurement of individual will be taken & confirmation of Rig set-up will be finalized. (This includes special requests etc.)

  • 3. Building Process Time

    Rig building process will take 10-14 days and updates of progress will be sent per request.

  • 4. Delivery

    Rig set-up will be delivered on an agreed date. Additional hardware & software set-ups will be reinforced upon delivery.

  • 5. Aftersales

    After-sales service will be available to ensure the satisfaction & well-being of customer.