Brook – Ras1ution 2 SIM Racing Adapter for Console
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Brook – Ras1ution 2 SIM Racing Adapter for Console

Your game. Our Play.

Brook Gaming

Ras1ution 2

S5 Technology is proud to present that we are the Official Distributor of Brook Gaming in Singapore. Bringing you nothing but the best products of the right value to enhance your SIM Racing experience. In this case, enabling your direct drive wheelset to work with Playstation or Xbox


Brook breaks the platform boundaries and develops a brand-new converter, Ras1ution 2, for racing wheel, supporting to use on such console platforms as PS5, PS4, PS3, XB X|S, XB 1, XB 360, SWITCH and being compatible with wheel controllers on market!

No limits for having fun. Don’t need to compromise. From now on, you can use the racing wheels you’re accustomed to enjoy racing games on various platforms!

There’s no terminal for racing and racers are never lonely. While facing all kinds of tough tracks, you’re always accompanied by Brook to face challenges together.

S5 tech brook ras1ution

Featured Information

Start Feeling The Game Today.
S5 tech sim racing fanatec
Compatible with PS4, PS5, XBOX

Perfect for console

ras1ution xbox direct drive
Multi Platform Support

1 for all

S5 Tech racing simulator
Direct Force Feedback from the Console

As much the telemetry received from Console

S5 tech driving simulator
User Friendly

Easy to Use

Buy from any of our platforms and walk in


Bundle – Moza R5 Bundle + Ras1ution 2 Adapter

R5 Bundle + Ras1ution Adapter ( Racing Wheel Converter)

Compatible with PC, Xbox360, Xbox1, PS4, PS5



R5 Bundle:

👉R05 Direct Drive wheelbase

👉ES round wheel

👉SRP 2 pedals

👉Table clamp


In one package


🔥5.5 Nm of Torque from Direct Drive Power

🔥Aeroplane Grade Aluminum / Hand-made Stitch Leather / High-Strength Steel

🔥Ultra-high Power Density Servo Motor

🔥Customized Quick Release from Real Racing

🔥22 Programmable Buttons

🔥Adjustable Spacing and Height

🔥Mapping Pedal Output Curves

🔥MOZA Pit House Control Software

🔥APP Cloud Control




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FB: S5 Technology


S5 tech moza direct drive console

Start Feeling The Game on the Next Level.