S5 Technology has catered to a vast variety of events both locally and internationally, catering for events such as Formula 1, Ferrari, Lamborghini to schools. We also serve clients who wish to experience virtual racing from the comfort of their homes whether it is for professional training or leisure driving on a racing simulator.
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Custom Simulator for a Production Firm

Customised Simulator Setup For a Production Company

Our client had approached S5 Technology for a racing simulator set-up that would cater to their one-off event. In contrast to the usual configuration, they have specifically requested for their triple screen monitors to be mounted on a standard office desk, rather than on the racing simulator rig itself.

To fulfil their requirements, S5 calibrated a customised rig with our in-house bucket seat, completed with a Simagic Direct Drive racing wheel. This allowed S5 Racing to showcase our unique fabrication skills, and our ability to build rigs toward any specification to fit every scenario!

Ital Auto

Ital Auto – Driving Simulation Centre

The request was simple – the folks at Ital Auto needed an eSports set-up that could accurately simulate real-world driving and racing, while being able to cater to novice drivers.

Ital Auto wanted a simulator where their clients could enjoy and have some fun in the virtual world. Instead of our usual in-house S5 Racing bucket seat, this rig set-up features a specially fitted, genuine Ferrari seat, where we’ve also preserved the original functionality of the unit.

Private School’s Innovation Zone

Private International School Innovation Zone

We believe in building custom racing simulators that are ‘fit-for-purpose’. This means that we’ll only include elements that are required and suitable for its functionality, and not to overbuilt it.

For commercial clients looking for recreational use – durability and ease-of-use are key. Hence, we designed a pair of low-maintenance simulator rigs, equipped with the Thrustmaster T300 wheelbase for a private school’s Innovation Department. Fun fact – they are part of the school’s ever growing list of gaming equipment in their cyber cafe!

Ferrari Virtual Formula One Race

Stewarding for Ferrari Virtual F1 Race

Don’t think we are just a simulator racing hardware supplier – our extensive services also offer race stewarding, and broadcasting services too! Ital Auto made us their expertise choice, engaging us as their partner for their Ferrari virtual Formula One race!

This time-attack event also features a simulator rig that features all the sim racing bells-and-whistles!

Sim Racing Truck

Pop-up Sim Racing Truck in Bugis

Our Simulator Racing Truck has proven these setups need not be static. In collaboration with D’Space, this mobile racing rig has been configured to bring the world of virtual racing to our masses.

This works as a self-contained mobile racing studio, exposing the masses to the world of esports along the locations we stop over!

Lamborghini Huracan STO Launch

Virtual Replica of the Lamborghini Huracan STO

There’s no better way to familiarise drivers to a certain car type than allowing them to first test out an accurate representation of it in the virtual world! S5 Tech was tasked by Lamborghini to build simulators for the launch of their new model – the Huracan STO.

Our racing simulators feature our in-house S5 racing bucket seat, paired with Simagic Direct Drive racing steering wheel base and Simagic’s GT4 Formula wheel!

2020 Australian Grand Prix

Simulator Set-up for 2020 Australian Grand Prix

Along with our Australian partners, we supplied a simulator chassis, complete with Simagic Direct Drive steering wheel base and our in-house S5 bucket seat, to Lamborghini’s Australian Grand Prix setup!


BMW E36 Replica Rig

Built to showcase the true capabilities of S5 Racing, this custom-built racing simulator features an accurate (almost mirroring) representation of the BMW E36. This money-no-object build heavily references the actual make of an E36, even using parts from said car.

A LHD dashboard was sourced and modified for simulation purposes, with fully functioning dials, switchgear and headunit! The Direct Drive steering system provides accurate road feedback, and an actual BMW E36 steering wheel is looking to be added at a later date!

Racing x Flight

Racing And Flight Simulator Combination

This is what sets us apart. Only have space for either a racing or flight simulator but do not want to sacrifice either? Our designers and engineers have specially combined and configured a rig set-up that stays true to the user experience of including both a racing cockpit and an aeroplane cabin!

The Ultimate Sepang Training Tool

Training for Sepang? We got you.

Are you car enthusiast obsessed with shaving the last few tenths of your Sepang lap time? Are you also willing to invest in improving your performance? This simulator setup is your answer! Featuring a Direct Drive system, including both Simagic’s direct drive wheel base and GT1 steering wheel, hydraulic pedals, a high-end H-pattern shifter and a button box.

The rig is also mounted on motion actuators, which can accurately simulate road conditions for your ultimate e-racing experience!


Formula One

Event Support for Formula One

As part of Formula One’s events, these racing simulators were supplied to various heartland exhibitions! Featuring our wheelstand combos with S5 Racing bucket seat attachment, together with Thrustmaster hardware to achieve accurate racing simulation!

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Development

Apart from the conventional racing simulator rigs, our skill set allows us to fabricate and create other types of simulators, such as this unique light aircraft simulator built for use in a flight school.

To accommodate its unconventional build, we had to fabricate the housings and enclosures for all of the flight gear, paying great attention to the proportions of an actual light aircraft to ensure accuracy so we can experience the closest flight simulator experience!

Campus Legends

Support towards Campus Legends Event

In a collaboration with AOC, S5 Racing provided support to an esport event held by Campus Legend. The build features S5 Racing’s custom chassis and in-house bucket seat. The hardware provided in this set-up was in courtesy of Simagic, featuring their latest wireless Formula Racing Wheel!

Red Bull

Red Bull Time Trial Contest

In partnership with the defending Formula 1 World Championship Team, S5 Racing provided 2 Playseat Formula Rigs that adorned Red Bull’s brand logo. Thrustmaster had also provided their latest Ferrari F1 Replica Wheel that comes with a fully functioning screen for this collaboration, connecting participants to the virtual racing world.