Moza Racing
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Moza Racing

Official Distributor of MOZA Racing in Singapore

Moza Racing Moza SR-P Pedals

Enjoy Sim Racing experience with the MOZA SR-P pedals at very affordable budget.

Equipped with Load Cell for the Best Control, these pedals will take your virtual races to the next level. Moza Racing have developed their pedals with sustainable materials to provide strength and quality to their racing parts, and smart algorithms for accuracy. All while maintaining affordability. Available with S5 Technology Moza Racing Singapore

MOZA GS Formula Wheel

Push it to the limit with MOZA GS Formula Wheel.


Built for E-sports, to fulfil your Sim-Racing needs. The GS is MOZA’s E-sports ready, Formula style wheel. A full featured, 300mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion, and no compromises. Also at very competitive price. Looks very cool. Considered one of the cheapest Formula style Direct Drive wheel for SIM RACING in Singapore


With carefully selected Alcantara imported from Italy, the GS grips have a truly premium feel, similar to real-life supercars.  Enjoy a weighty feel and trusted reliability with a sturdy frame made of 5mm high-strength forged carbon fiber.


A comfortable but firm grip gives the GS a true-to-life GT feel. Even in the face of MOZA’s R21 torque, a driver has quick access to all adjustments they need to make in the heat of battle, with carefully placed joysticks, buttons and switches. fun virtual racing experience you get in Singapore

MOZA Racing R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

Race faster than ever in Limited Spaces like never before.

This is a very affordable direct drive wheelbase, price is so close to the belt-driven wheelset. Definitely a great choice for entry level Direct Drive SIM setup in Singapore.

Compact and convenient for all driving set-ups. Simulate different driving experience, customized to your virtual racing needs. With unmatched quality and durability. The MOZA R9’s whole housing is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy. No matter how complex the force feedback calculations get. The unique Quad CPUs can reliably process the task at maximum precision.


And, enjoy the seamless experience of controlling and customizing your sim-racing experience all through the MOZA app. The R9 can also be connected to all of Moza Racing’s Hardware.

MOZA Racing CS Racing Wheel

Experience Real Racing with Moza’s Racing CS Racing Wheel.


With a true-to-life size matching real racing car, the CS offers a realistic sim racing experience. Enjoy crisp metallic sounds and a tactile feel as you adjust parameters while racing.


MOZA’s 2.4G wireless signal technology allows for easy hassle-free racing, which has proven to provide longer service life and greater stability than wired transmission through thousands of hours of testing. Program your wheel to how you like it to get the most out of your e-racing event. Be sure to visit S5tech to learn more and discuss SIM racing in Singapore

S5 Technology is delighted to extend our range of e-racing products for the virtual racing community and enthusiasts with MOZA Racing. Bringing on compact compatibility, and a great choice for those looking for a Direct Drive System within lower budget, S5 Racing continues to serve your sim-racing needs.

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