S5 Supra Installation Reference
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S5 Supra Installation Reference

S5 Supra Wheelstand & Cockpit

S5 Racing Supra Wheelstand
S5 Supra cockpit
S5 Rig

S5 Supra Full Cockpit

1. Practical Design


2. Entry to Mid-Level, Plenty of add-on accessories


3.  Wide Compatibility

Semi Bucket Recliner Seat

Add-on castor wheel for mobility

Add-on Monitor Stand

S5 Tech

Wheeldeck and Pedal Deck compatible with all popular sim racing hardware in the market

S5 Supra Full Cockpit Installation Reference

S5 Seat Base
Seat Base
S5 tech
S5 Cockpit with tv stand
S5 Rig
S5 Racing

Seat Base and Seat Installation Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Disclaimer: For the full bucket seat.

The side bracket is bent outward on both sides by default. During installation you need to put into position by pushing in or out.

More Accessories

TV/Monitor Stand

Add-on Stabilizer

Not needed by default, good add-on for direct drive wheelset

Integrated Keyboard and Mouse Tray

S5 Supra Chair-Lock, Seat Mount

Compatible with all major gaming seats in market

Adjustable distance

Moza & Fanatec CSL Pedal Adapter

Compatible Moza SR-P, SR-P Lite(dual and three pedals), Fanatec CSL pedals

Adjustable distance

S5 Supra moza pedal adapter

More Accessories and Reference