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Official Distributor of Simagic in Singapore

Simagic FX – Formula Wheel 290mm Carbon Fiber

Once again Simagic released a very competitive product with good value, top end quality & features at very affordable price! see to believe.

Co-developed with formula race drivers and engineers, ergonomic silicone grips with a special anti-slip and sweat-proof material, strategic buttons and fine detail precision. This is next level sim racing, totally beyond real-life needs.

Free test drive available at our S5 Technology showroom, please visit us!

Simagic FX Formula wheel
Simagic pedals

Simagic Pedals – Premium Hydraulic Pedals

Introducing the latest innovation from Simagic! Professional SIM Racing high-end hydraulic pedals with latest technology derived from motorsports. It is finally here after extensive developments and testing. There will be 4 variations available inclusive of mounting plate with options to go with 200kg maximum brake force and long accelerator pedal. Key features include individual pedal damping adjustment, adjustable stroke, multi-stage clutch to simulate race car experience. Designed and inspired from real racing to give you a precise sim racing simulation.


Latest stock available – purchase from our various platforms!

Free test drive available at our showroom, please visit us!

Simagic Sequential Shifter

Simagic Sequential Shifter – Pro Shifter

State-of-the-art professional sequential shifter to complete your SIM Racing needs. Simagic Sequential Shifter comes with digital display for real-time gear indicator and 4 push-buttons. Key features include adjustable gear change resistance, racing experience and premium  finishing.


Latest stock available – purchase from our various platforms!

Free test drive available at our showroom, please visit us!

The Alpha Mini – Direct Drive Wheelbase

Welcome to the Direct Drive Revolution.


Start achieving a Real-Life Racing experience with Simagic’s latest innovation, integrating the best of motor technology while keeping a wallet-friendly tag. The latest Alpha firmware features an intelligent torque distribution with up to 10Nm of torque and a motor servo with 3 phases to reach its full capacity. Simagic’s Alpha Mini uses a Tri-CPU structure to give the entire system a real time, fast and complete output of every force feedback details. Equipped with a developed software, it continues to adjust to every individual’s preferences while providing stunning results, all packed into a compact yet stylish design. Get yours now from S5 Technology Singapore today!


The major highlights of Simagic Alpha Mini:

  • Compact anodizing aluminium housing (110x110x167.5mm)
  • 3 Phase servo motor specially developed by Simagic
  • 10nm Max Torque
  • Built-in encoder of 262155PPR to provide more detailed game feedback
  • Equipped with Simagic custom quick release
  • Compatible with PC only, supporting all major PC games
  • USB-B from wheelbase to PC
  • Refresh rate of 1000HZ for in-game data communication & 40000HZ for force feedback control
  • 12 Months warranty by Local Singapore Supplier


Note: as mentioned practically we tuned to 30-40% of total force to enjoy the best experience and realism

  • Higher smoothness of the wheel rotation, almost frictionless
Simagic Alpha Mini
Simagic m10 singapore

The M10 – Direct Drive Wheelbase

Simagic M10 direct drive wheelbase is capable of delivering up to 10 Nm of force feedback to the steering wheel which in reality a real race car only producing between 4-7 Nm of force feedback. What is more important is the level of detail and responsiveness of the direct drive by the force feedback control frequency(40000 times/sec), wheel revolution sensor(16384 Pulses per revolution) and 1000 Hz real time game refresh rate to get the best experience on SIM racing such as the feeling of traction loss, ABS, curb effect, wheel turning speed and etc all being transferred to the driver’s hands. Simagic M10 is using newly designed three-phase hybrid stepper motor with a very sleek enclosure design using CNC and carbon fibre panel. With the Simagic M10 you will be able to experience every single detail coming from the virtual race car in game from track road roughness, traction from of the rear axle, understeer, oversteer and more –  making it the BEST VALUE over every penny spent as compared to all direct drive wheelsets in the market – Test drive to believe!

The Alpha – Direct Drive Wheelbase

Simagic Alpha direct drive wheelbase is equipped with cutting edge 5-phase Servo motor technology that is capable of delivering up to 15Nm of force feedback. Enclosed in a compact CNC machined aluminium body with carbon fibre panel that creates an elegant outlook. Similar to the M10, the Alpha has the motorsport derived zero flex quick release and ultra fast wireless communication technology system to connect to the steering. Also, behind the scene Simagic has the state of the art computer management system with 3 dedicated CPUs to deliver a real-time performance and best experience to the users. To make the direct tuning easy and user friendly, end user can use the front-end Alpha manager software to make adjustment of the total force feedback, wheel turning speed, damping and more to get the best delivery depending on individual preference and race discipline.  in overall, making both M10 and Alpha a well packaged and premium direct drive system at very reasonable price. – find out more from Simagic Singapore distributor S5 Technology


The major highlights of Simagic Alpha:

  • Tech spec of 15Nm force feedback

Note: as mentioned practically we tuned to 30-40% of total force to enjoy the best experience and realism

  • Higher smoothness of the wheel rotation, almost frictionless

Note: immediate difference when the wheelbase is off. However, when in game & during action the M10 is also not affecting end user experience and drivability – definitely not an important point for buying decision especially when compared to real car

simagic singapore
Simagic GT1 wheel

GT1 Round Leather – Wheel

GT1 D Shaped Suade – Wheel

Main difference between the two other than the shape – GT1 Round Wheel is using leather whereas GT1 D Wheel is using Suade material. Both wheels are using carbon panel, carbon paddle shifters. GT1 Round wheel is the most versatile wheel as you can use it for GT races, Formula 1, Rally and most fun on drifting

  • 4 high end push buttons 
  • 2 x 3-way toggle switches 
  • 2 rotary encoder wheels/Knobs 
  • Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw and paddle ear adjustments 
  • Zero-Flex Quick Release System (real-world competition cars)
  • Wireless connection to wheelbase 
  • Compatible with M10 & Alpha wheelbases 

GT4 (Formula Style) – Wheel

The Simagic GT4 wheel is ideal for anyone who wants to try their hands at the world of Formula 1 or GT cars. The handle grips allows a perfect hold for millimeter steering angle and high precision driving. Simagic GT4 wheel features high profile elegant black, fine matte texture and beautiful finish. The steering wheel communicates wirelessly with the Simagic M10 and Alpha bases.  The combination of buttons and multi-directional switches are sufficient to map the required functions in game such as Asseto Corsa Competizione and Iracing.

Technical Features:

Two versions available: Dual-Clutch Or Without Clutch

  • Standard 300mm Diameter
  • CNC-milled Aluminium Structure
  • Carbon Fiber Shifters
  • High Quality Alcantara Grip
  • 8 RBG Individually Programmable Buttons
  • 2 *Funky multidirectional switches, 
  • 2 Programmable rotary wheels/Knobs
  • Zero-Flex Quick Release System (50mm Quick Disconnect To Wheel Base )
  • Wireless communication to Simagic M10 or Alpha
  • Compatible with Simagic M10 and Simagic Alpha bases

*Funky switch is a 7 in 1 multifunctional switch – 4-way directional, also a rotary encoder, center push button, with grippy feel. 

Simagic GT4 wheel
Aluminium profile rig

Aluminium Profile Racing/Flight Rig – Cockpit

Simagic wheelsets are compatible with most of the sim racing rigs in the market such as Next Level Racing F-GT, GT-Track, GT-Ultimate, GT-Lite, F-GT Lite, TrakRacer, S5 Racing Rig and more.

For users that pursuing for more professional setup and looking for  more customisation such as right body fitting, minimizing flex, installing more add-on or simply prepare for the future mods – S5 Technology also has the right expertise, equipment and hardware to fulfil the requirements! We custom made SIM racing/flight rigs and cockpit using aluminium profile and CNC materials. However, we also have pre-built steel rigs in great value and lower entry price to cater for new starters in SIM world. The right fit and value for money! Check us out!

We are equally thrilled by Simagic direct drives so far, and there are more products in the line up such as Pedal and Shifter. There are so much positives reviews around the internet by individuals and expert. However, there are also some misleading individual reviews when the proper setup is not followed, having minor issues, or wrong configurations. This is zero-worry as S5 Technology will provide optimum support to ensure the best experience after getting your Simagic products. We strongly recommend you to have a test drive on Simagic whenever in doubt before jumping to conclusion or making a purchase decision. Visit us for test drive!

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