Trak Racer
Authorised Distributor of Trak Racer, authorized distributor for conspit, authorized distributor for Sim racing studio. authorised reseller for Next Level Racing, Thrustmaster, Asus and more. your one stop provider for SIM Racing cockpit and IT solutions provider, providing turnkey end to end solutions. Start taking your game to the next level today!
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Trak Racer

Refined Gaming.

Trak Racer – Refined gaming

S5 Technology is proud to be Trak Racer’s Official Distributor in Singapore. Trak Racer have been refining and providing one of the best valued, high-end gaming platform & accessories since 2008, providing the highest quality materials that offer unsurpassed durability.


With the focus on bringing the best value, high-end gaming experience that won’t look like a homemade DIY product. The mutual vision of Trak Racer & S5 Technology allows its products to live up to the highest competitive standards of users demand.


Stylist design with input from real life race drivers, wide compatibility with SIM Racing gears in the market such as Simagic, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Moza Racing. Great addition to your gaming room!

Featured Products

Refine your gaming experience with Trak Racer.
Suitable for Self-Assembly.

Racing Simulators.

Refine E-Racing.

Racing Gears.

Covering your Sim-Racing needs.

Monitor Stands.

Extra Virtual Racing Fun.

Seats & Accessories.

Our Products

Refining E-Sports.

Racing Simulators.

Concerned about setting up your first home Sim-Racing Set-up? Look no further. Trak Racer Singapore,  S5 Technology


Trak Racer’s extensive range of Racing Simulators gives you a vast range of options for your next virtual racing set-up. Whether you’re looking to go pro or start off with something easy to self-assemble, you will definitely be able to find it here.


Track Racer’s design aesthetic brings not only the highest levels of functionality, but also quickly becomes a showpiece in any room, office or showroom. The design process that underpins each Trak Racer product ensures ergonomics that provide unsurpassed comfort for the longest competitive racing events.

Racing Gears.

From extensive research in both real-world motor-sports racing and game simulation, Trak Racer understands the importance of design, cutting-edge engineering and knowing what it takes to give you an edge over your competition.


Gear up your set-up with Trak Racer’s extensive range of system, wheels, pedals and loose accessories choices.

Monitor Stands.

Including other key components of the entire racing simulator built – Trak Racer extends their product range further than most, not missing out on any details and parts for your Sim Racing needs.


Have your monitor needs taken care of, whether you’re looking for a single or triple monitor stand – Trak Racer have several designs built to hold monitors of different sizing and positions.

Seats and Accessories.

After reaching a full built set-up, have you ever wondered what’s next?


Imagine a cupholder by your side, or harnesses and car mats to create a space as parallel to a real moto vehicle. Build a cozy space within your your virtual racing events and daily drives with the wide range of racing accessories beyond what you would normally imagine possible for Sim-racing. This revolutionary discovery will alter your e-racing experience.

Redefine your Virtual Racing experience today.